Friday, 30 September 2016


Yesterday evening at Hotel Grant Plaza auditorium ,Dubai ,we could attend to participate in a Teachers workshop which was organised by P. M Foundation in association with Gulf Madhyamam. Dr. APM Muahammed Haneesh gave a inspirational lecture on “Igniting Student Minds”.

 Students , Parents and Teachers jointly partipated in this session.
How can we ignite the students mind ?

There are number of students in our school with different talents . Unfortunately teachers are worried about their much documentation works and lack of time . Due to this teaching becoming mechanical. In this context how can they inspire and trigger out the curiosity of students? Shared by some teachers who attended this workshop.

Haneesh quoted the story of AlbertEinstein. His teachers reported that he was mentally slow, unsociable, and adrift forever in his foolish dreams.”Einstein was regarded as the greatest intellectual mind of our time.

Students as well as parents also had to share a lots of things. They commented on Who is a good Teacher?

Some important points I have noted in this lecture are following.

  • Provide more opportunity
  • Students come to class room with great expectation
  • Motivate independent inquiry
  • Forums are to be formed
  • Beyond the class room we need forum. Eg: Reading club,Astronomy club
  • Do we have opportunity to meet the students future plan ?
  • If there is a extra ordinary students, how can we ignite them ?
  • Tell them to read deeply
  • Give them gentle words ( Support)
  • Teachers shoud be “friend, Philosopher and Guide”
  • A good teacher hungry to be succeeded
  • Good rapport and relation like triangular . Students- Parent – Teacher
 His talk was truly inspirational to us. The valuable thoughts shared by them were fully imbibed the minds of students, parents as well as teachers. Many valuable thoughts shared by him.

Friday, 23 September 2016

As a ClassDojo Ambassador

Today I had received an official mail from ClassDojo which tells that i have been selected as ClassDojo Ambassador at United Arab Emirate.It is so excited. Now I look forward to a wonderful school year with ClassDojo team.

Responsibilities and opportunities:

- Moderate Country-specific facebook group, regularly posting and keeping all members engaged
- Represent ClassDojo at education events when possible, including local training sessions or conferences
- Attend 2 ClassDojo virtual trainings per year to maintain top notch product knowledge :)
- Connect regularly with the ClassDojo Community Team within facebook group and over email

I have been received a new ClassDojo Ambassador Badge, as part of this.
One of my main responsibility as an Ambassador will be supporting and collaborating with teachers in this Community. It will be a great platform for discussing and sharing new ideas with other eminent teachers and educators around the globe. 

Thanks Class Dojo team who gave such a wonderful opportunity to me in IT enabled education.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Effective Teaching - Training

Today we had a good teaching training Programme at Habitat School.
Mr. Sanjay Kumar lead an intersting and motivation session. He is one of the famous trainer in UAE. Training was almost activity oriented. Topic was “Effective Teaching”
Date : 22/9/2016
Time : 2 PM to 4.20 PM
Venue : Habitat School Auditorium

Its lecture notes are following.

I am learner

1. I am a learner to learn is to change.

Our statement Learning is a weapon which can change the world

2. Every Experience teaches me something

Our statement Learn something from Everything

3. Every person I meet in my journey of life gives me lesson.

Our statement Learning never ends

Theme – 2
Anybody would blossom if the atmosphere is suitable

Our statement Environment has a key role in the development

Have a mind to explore various possibilities of the immediate surroundings

Our statement We need to use whatever is available in that environment

See What is there rather than what is not there

Our statement Find out and use what is available there .

Theme- 3


Pre Active
Inter Active
Post Active
Class Room interactive
Learning outcome

Class Room

What are the things are happening in our Class Room ? Can you list out

We listed like following. Later the discussion was on the basis of this points.

  • Instruction
  • Questions
  • Presentation
  • Using Learning Aids
  • Jocks & Fun
  • Appreciation etc

How can we ask question ?

How can I get answer from students ?

Before that , What are the purpose of asking question.
  • To check realise or not
  • To get attention
  • To make them think about
  • To motivate students
  • To ensure pupil participation
  • make more interactive
  • to share different ideas.
Effective Questions
( Time was limit, We stopped writing )

Simple, Clear, Precise, Effective </font>

Monday, 19 September 2016

From San Francisco to Ajman

Today we are happy.
We got a prize from USA.
Finally Class Dojo team has been sent a Poster as prize to me. Considering my mentor status and training programme.

 This is my prize and thing which I received from USA through postal service. My colleagues also amazed .
You got prize form USA !!! 😆
My colleague Mr. Shareef and students Amir and Ridwan assisted to paste this poster on our school news board .So they also joined to pose this photo.
Thanks Danise Olague.